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Originators: An Entrepreneurial Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

Reed Strathdee Lewis is the Founder of Lys CBD Chocolate. Lys’ line of products include smooth organic dark chocolate tempered with full spectrum Colorado hemp extract, as well as recovery creams, balms, and suspensions. He is also the owner of a variety of stores based in Snowmass, Colorado, including the Daly Bottle Shop, Grain Fine Food, and 81615 Inc. Reed graduated from Colgate University.


Reed joins me today to share his journey to becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. He shares what his childhood was like and explains why he decided to leave the “traditional” life and career path to live and work in Snowmass, Colorado. He discusses how he became a business owner and how fear helped him diligently work on his business. He also shares his thoughts on moving to an abundance mindset and underscores the importance of learning from our mistakes.


“Remember to look at where you were and you’ve gotten to, and give yourself a little credit for that.” - Reed Strathdee Lewis


This week on Originators:


  • Reed’s journey from committing to society’s “traditional” ways to following his passion
  • The power of trust and what encouraged Reed to take risks
  • What inspired Reed to settle in Snowmass
  • How Reed became the owner of the Daly Bottle Shop liquor store
  • What it’s like to transition from being an employee to working for yourself
  • How fear encouraged Reed’s work ethic and diligence
  • The day Reed received a $50,000 check in the mail
  • How Reed’s relationship with money has changed over the years
  • Going from a financial scarcity mindset to abundance
  • Launching the Lys CBD Chocolate brand


Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “The story of entrepreneurs is about having a vision, being driven towards something, and trusting that what you’re doing is going to work out.” - Zak Leedom
  • “Abundance doesn’t necessarily come in more money, but could come in the form of less responsibility, more time, more freedom.” - Zak Leedom
  • “It’s okay to take care of yourself, and it’s okay to have help.” - Reed Strathdee Lewis


Connect with Reed Strathdee Lewis:



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