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Originators: An Entrepreneurial Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

Mike Brown is an entrepreneur, investor, and coach. Prior to founding and exiting an 8-figure oil and gas company, Mike flew F/A-18 Super Hornets for the Navy and brings the fighter pilot spirit to entrepreneurship. After his exit, he created the Unbreakable Wealth framework to give fellow entrepreneurs the investing playbook he wished he had 10 years ago. He lives with his fiancé, Claire, and two children in the foothills of Morrison, CO.

Mike joins us today to discuss building unbreakable wealth. He describes his background and explains what inspired him to become an entrepreneur and a pilot for the US Navy. He shares his ideas on navigating relationships as entrepreneurs and describes the relationship between risk, time, and control. He outlines the three kinds of investment deals and identifies the ideal one to focus on. Mike also explains what it means to increase your ‘luck surface’ and underscores why understanding your relationship with money is paramount to creating success.


“Understanding our relationship with money is an important factor in determining how we’re going to set ourselves up for success.” - Mike Brown


This week on Originators:


  • The lessons Mike learned from serving in the Navy and how those lessons helped him in his entrepreneurial journey
  • His transition from the Navy into the entrepreneurial world
  • The fighter pilot mentality and the importance of knowing your capacity for risk
  • The entrepreneurial mindset and navigating relationships as entrepreneurs
  • Why being a good student of history is valuable to being an investor
  • The role of time in an investment strategy
  • Exiting a business and Mike’s “liquidity crisis”
  • The three types of investment deals and the kind of deal you need to focus on
  • The three steps of the unbreakable wealth process


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Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “A lot of entrepreneurs break away from the normal system to create their own outcomes.” - Zak Leedom
  • “Find out what you need to have to create stability in your life so all the things that are important to you become unbreakable.” - Zak Leedom
  • “Time is a non-renewable resource and is an important factor most people don’t think about when making an investment strategy.” - Mike Brown


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