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Originators: An Entrepreneurial Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

The powerlifting world-record-holder-turned-entrepreneur Arnold Coleman is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Outlook Worldwide. As a health, wellness, and fitness company, Healthy Outlook Worldwide is dedicated to helping organizations cut healthcare costs and provide wellness programs to employees. In addition to Healthy Outlook Worldwide, Arnold is also the owner of Shape Fitness, a 24-hour fitness gym with locations in Columbus and Pataskala, Ohio.

Arnold joins me today to share his early days in powerlifting and how he became an entrepreneur later in life. He explains why you shouldn’t be afraid of paying people who are smarter than you are and to focus on where you do your best work. He highlights the hard work and perseverance that it takes to do something great and underscores why leaders need to be responsible — even for something that’s not directly their fault. He also discusses the value of working smart and striving to become a better version of yourself.


“Powerlifting is a mental game. It has taught me that if I wanted to be a part of anything, I was going to have to focus and work harder than anyone else.” - Arnold Coleman


“If you want to make something extraordinary, you have to have a certain form of crazy, and you have to have a system behind all your hard work.” - Arnold Coleman


This week on Originators:

  • Arnold’s journey from his powerlifting days and lifting in the nationals to starting his business
  • What powerlifting has taught Arnold about hard work and diligence
  • How failing a powerlifting meet led Arnold to begin training and elevating other athletes
  • How Arnold beat a 20-year-old world-record in powerlifting
  • The value of working smart and how it has helped Arnold compete against large insurance companies
  • The importance of knowing when to quit and when not to quit
  • What it means to create organic growth in a way that’s understandable to others
  • Creating your own luck and building relationships
  • Moving from survival, necessity, and fear to creativity and building legacies
  • Why any aspiring entrepreneurs should know themselves first before building something of their own


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Work hard to get where you want to go. But sometimes, hard work isn’t enough — you have to work smarter, too.” - Zak Leedom
  • “It’s not so much about competing to win world records but competing to push yourself to levels you know you can do.” - Arnold Coleman
  • “Responsibility is an important leadership component.” - Zak Leedom


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