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Originators: An Entrepreneurial Podcast

Feb 16, 2022

Mike Rosati is the founder of Rosati Windows, a top manufacturer of replacement windows and doors in Ohio. As a child, Mike worked at his family’s grocery store until he was 19—an experience that taught him the value of diligence and giving back to the community. He then set his sights on the construction industry and joined a window dealer based in Central Ohio. After 20 years of rising through the company’s ranks, Mike decided to build Rosati Windows in 2000. The company has been consistently regarded as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., and has received accolades from several organizations, including the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

Mike joins me today to discuss the power of devotion to customer service and experience. He describes how delivering the best customer service builds trust and makes customers advocate for your business. He discusses the importance of including a marketing budget in your business plan and staying involved in your company. He also highlights the value of trusting in your team’s capabilities and underscores why it’s essential to care for your employees.


“Sell by educating and teaching; customers want to be guided, not pressured. You need to be the person that helps them figure out what’s best for them.” - Mike Rosati


This week on Originators:

  • Mike’s childhood and what it has taught him about customer service
  • Why Mike decided to start his own company
  • What working in someone else’s company has taught Mike about running a business
  • How Mike felt on the first day he opened Rosati Window
  • The biggest challenges Mike faced as he ran and grew Rosati Windows
  • The first window Mike sold in his company and how it catapulted their business
  • What “give-to-get” offers are and the value of building trust
  • Applying the Golden Rule to sales and marketing and why Mike doesn’t believe in the “one-call close” approach
  • The power of educating customers and why it’s more impactful than hard selling
  • The value of delegating and outsourcing tasks to specialists
  • How Mike ensures his employees are passionate about customer service
  • What motivates Mike to continue being an important part of his organization
  • How Mike balances being a father, a sibling, and a business leader
  • How Mike’s views on money have changed since he started his business
  • His advice for people embarking on their entrepreneurial path


Our Favorite Quotes:

  • “Sell unto others the way you want to be sold onto. And you don’t really want to be ‘sold’ onto—you want to be educated.” - Zak Leedom
  • “If you do things right, if you’re a moral, ethical human being, the money will come.” - Mike Rosati
  • “Sometimes, to earn business, you have to give a little in the process.” - Zak Leedom


Connect with Mike Rosati:


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