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Originators: An Entrepreneurial Podcast

Dec 7, 2022

In this episode of the Originators Podcast, host Zak Leedom sits down with Britt Lefkoe, a leading business and personal development coach. Britt shares her story of how, from a young age, she grew up with her father's work of helping people shift their mindset and limiting beliefs. Britt honors her late father's legacy by evolving the work he started and becoming an expert in her own right. Together, Britt and Zach explore how powerful our minds and beliefs are and how with proper guidance, we can remove the roadblocks holding us back from being our best selves. Britt shares that life is both extremely short and long enough at the same time and that we must take action to maximize our time on earth.


Britt Lefkoe is one of the top business and personal development coaches in her field. She works with high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives, and organizations that understand mindset is key to their success. For over 20 years, she has helped clients achieve unprecedented growth and deep fulfillment. She is also a keynote speaker and leadership development expert who has worked with Fortune 20 companies, including Facebook, and taken hyper-growth tech companies through IPO.


“There's no such thing as a logical decision-maker. It doesn't exist. A logical

person is a person who rationalizes their emotional decisions well. So logic comes when we can explain our emotions. There is no such thing as a logical decision. It's a different part of the brain.” - Britt Lefkoe


This week on Originators:


  • The importance of sharing your own experience.
  • How to be a really good friend without wanting to help them in the places they don’t ask.
  • The importance of being able to relate to the listener.
  • The neuroscience of our minds and how to use it to our advantage.
  • How has business owner and empath Britt worked to create their ideal life.
  • The truth about “motivation issues”.
  • Time abundance vs. time scarcity.
  • Why it’s important to distinguish between our parents relationship to money and our own relationship with money.

Our Favorite Quotes:


  • “With the archetype of an entrepreneur, there is, on average, a large sense of needing to control our outcomes. And that in a lot of ways can be such a blessing, but that sense of control can at times lead to you as the leader being the roadblock, in your business and in your life.” - Zak Leedom
  • “I just really encourage everyone to think of your mind as an engine. Do you want a rusty engine? Or do you want to spend the time lubricating and fine-tuning your engine?” - Britt Lefkoe
  • “We see ourselves in money. The way that you look at yourself, I think is in a lot of ways the way that you look at money. And so I think that having a good relationship with money is incredibly important.” - Britt Lefkoe


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